BAC has a formal student complaints procedure for all our accredited colleges. Our complaints procedure is covered in our Accreditation Handbook. We will try to help you to resolve your dispute with a BAC-accredited college, but there are some things that you will have to do before we can take up your case.

Please read the following important information if you wish to make a complaint against an accredited institution First, you need to show that you have tried to resolve your complaint through your college's complaints procedure. The college management may wish to respond to and/or address your concerns. You will be in the strongest position if your complaint is made while you are enrolled at the college. If you leave and then complain, you may be more likely to experience difficulties securing prompt responses from the college. Also, it would be wise to consider any visa conditions prior to leaving the college.

You need to show that you have read the college's Terms and Conditions in relation to your complaint, and that you have made a satisfactory effort to try and resolve your complaint with the college directly.

BAC can only pursue a complaint if you provide us with written and signed authorisation to do so. Formal letters of complaint should be posted to BAC's London office.

BAC will only consider complaints which are directly relevant to the standards for accreditation (see the Accreditation Handbook for details).

Before submitting your complaint to BAC, please ensure that you have included the following: 1. A full description of all circumstances leading to the complaint being made. 2. A signed statement indicating that you authorise BAC to contact the institution on your behalf. 3. All documentation relating to the complaint being made, including, but not limited to: o enrolment letters o any receipts for payments made to the institution o any visa letters sent and received (if relevant to the complaint) o any correspondence between you and the institution which relates to this complaint (this should include documentary evidence that the College's own complaints procedure has been used and exhausted) o the institution's terms and conditions and/or refund policy, if you have access to this o Any other relevant documentary evidence N.B. Please ensure that you retain copies of all submitted documents as it will not be possible for BAC to return them.

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